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Insulation resistance tester operation test steps

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1. Preparation

Note: When using the meter for the first time, it needs to be charged for 6 hours, otherwise the meter will not work normally. For the charging method, please refer to the relevant content of "Battery Charging".

1. Before the test, the power supply and all external connections of the tested equipment should be removed, and the tested object should be short-circuited and grounded for 1min. The larger capacity should be discharged for at least 2min to avoid electric shock and affect the measurement results.

2. Check whether the pointer of the instrument is at infinity, otherwise the mechanical zero adjustment screw needs to be adjusted. Note: When adjusting the mechanical zero adjustment screw, the left and right adjustments are half a circle.

Insulation Resistance Tester (3).png

3. Wipe off the dirt on the surface of the test object with a dry and clean soft cloth. If necessary, clean the dirt on the surface of the casing with gasoline to eliminate the influence of surface leakage current on the test results.

4. Insert the high-voltage test wire (red) into the LINE end, connect the probe or probe at the other end to the high-voltage conductor of the tested equipment, insert the test wire (green) into the GUARD end, and connect the other end to the high voltage of the tested equipment On the guard ring, to eliminate the effect of surface leakage current (see "How to use the shielding end" for details, insert another black test wire into the EARTH end, and connect the other end to the shell or ground of the device under test. Note: It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit LINE and GUARD during wiring to avoid overload!

2. Start the test

1. Turn the band switch to select the required test voltage. At this time, if the power supply is normal, the power indicator light should glow green, and if the voltage is undervoltage, it glows red.

2. The instrument starts self-checking, and operation prompts appear on the LCD screen.

3. Press the up or down key to select the test number. (The number is reversed) If you do not select the number, you can enter the next step. The number will automatically accumulate after the test is completed.

4. Press or lock the test button to start the test. At this time, the high-voltage status indicator lights up and the meter's built-in buzzer beeps every 1 second, indicating that there is a high-voltage output at the LINE end.

Warning: During the test, it is strictly prohibited to touch the exposed part of the probe tip to avoid the risk of electric shock!

5. The meter will beep every certain time (15 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes), and the meter also has a built-in automatic discharge function, but it takes a long time) to ensure personal safety and the accuracy of the next measurement!

3. Read the test results

1. Rotate the band switch at any voltage level, and the power is on.

2. In the state of selecting the test number, press the set key to enter the state of querying the test results.

3. Press the up and down keys to increase or decrease the number of the test result (the corresponding number is inverted in black).

4. After selecting the number, press the test key to enter the test result of the number, and press the up and down keys to query the test result of the number (current resistance, 15 seconds resistance, 60 seconds resistance, 10 minutes resistance, absorption Ratio, polarization index).

After the query is completed, press the set button to return to the ready test state. If you need to query again, press the set button again.

4. How to use GUARD

In the insulation measurement of power cables, etc. or external electromagnetic field interference, in order to eliminate surface leakage and external electromagnetic field interference that affect the accuracy of the measurement results, in the actual measurement process, the shielding end of the meter is used to eliminate leakage current and shield interference.

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