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Matters needing attention in test transformer test

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Test transformers are suitable for power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research departments, etc. to conduct insulation strength tests under power frequency or DC high voltage for various high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, and insulating materials. It is an indispensable important equipment in high-voltage tests.

When the test transformer is in operation, we must pay attention to the reliability of the test transformer's shell and operating system. When checking, we must pay attention to whether the voltage regulator is in double digits, whether the power supply is normal, or whether the tested product is clean. It must be dry. Before the load test, an air test is generally performed. If any abnormality is found, the voltage must be continuously reduced and the power supply must be cut off in time.

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 Note for test transformer:

1. Before the test, check whether the test product is powered off, grounded and discharged, and whether all external connections are cleaned, and take care to prevent the test voltage from being applied to the working part.

2. After the wiring of the test device is connected, it should be rechecked before the pressure is correct. Pay special attention to checking the safety distance between the high-voltage equipment and the lead wire and the ground, and the operator and staff, and whether the shell of the test product is reliably grounded, strictly in accordance with the regulations test.

3. The test transformer should be slowly boosted for large-capacity equipment to prevent the charging current of the tested product from burning the microammeter. If necessary, the pressure should be graded to read the stable readings of the microammeter at various voltages.

4. During the test process of the test transformer, the test product, test device, and microammeter should be closely monitored. Once abnormal phenomena such as breakdown or flicker occur, the voltage should be reduced immediately, the power supply should be cut off, and the cause should be found and recorded in detail.

5. Before turning on the power, the voltage regulator of the operating system must be adjusted to the zero position before turning on the power, closing, and starting to boost.

6. During the test, if the indication of the measuring instrument and the condition of the tested product are found to be abnormal, the voltage should be reduced immediately, the power supply should be cut off, and the situation should be checked.

7. After the test, the voltage regulator should be returned to the zero position at a constant speed within a few seconds, and then the power supply should be cut off.

8. This product must not exceed the rated parameters. Except as necessary for the test, never energize or de-energize.

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