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High-voltage switch mechanical failure detection

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At present, the detection methods for mechanical faults of high-voltage switches are basically mature, and there are many products of mechanical characteristic testers, most of which have the functions of opening and closing coil current and stroke testing. Its effectiveness has been recognized by switch manufacturers and power supply departments. The main problem is the lack of effective data management and analysis and diagnosis platform. Most testers can print out the test results, but they cannot be stored; for fault judgments, most of them use the threshold method, and the multiple test results of a certain circuit breaker cannot be effectively "vertical" by means such as mathematical statistical analysis. "Comparison", it is even impossible to perform a "horizontal comparison" of the test results of the same type of circuit breaker everywhere, which is not conducive to fault diagnosis. Therefore, it is very necessary to design and develop a high-voltage switch mechanical failure analysis and diagnosis platform.

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The power system has put forward higher and higher requirements for the reliability and economy of power supply. The safe operation of high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment has become an important factor affecting the safe, stable and economic operation of the power system. The high-voltage switch plays the role of control and protection in the power grid. When a fault or accident occurs, it will cause a grid accident or an enlarged accident. The International Conference on Power Grids (CIGRE) conducted two worldwide surveys on the reliability of high-voltage switches and their operating mechanisms. The results showed that most switch failures (70% of major failures and 86% of minor failures) are mechanical in nature , Mainly involving operating mechanisms, monitoring devices and auxiliary devices.

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