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How does the DC high voltage generator work?

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The DC high-voltage generator is also known as the direct high-voltage generator. This equipment is an instrument that provides a high-voltage DC source. The instrument must be grounded reliably before the instrument is used, and two obvious disconnect points must be installed before the working power enters the tester. When replacing the test product and wiring, the two power supply disconnect points should be clearly disconnected, and the potentiometer should be returned to the zero position after each test, and then the power supply should be cut off to discharge the test product. The discharge process is divided It is a two-step process. When discharging, the discharge rod should not be brought into contact with the test product immediately. The discharge rod should be gradually approached to the test product. When the air gap is at a certain distance, the discharge will begin to discharge with a hissing sound. When there is no sound, the discharge rod can be used to discharge. Connect the ground wire to discharge, let me introduce to you how the DC high voltage generator works, and what are the meanings of changes in each component button during work:

DC Hipot Tester.png

1. Control box ground terminal The ground terminal of the control box is connected to the ground terminal of the voltage multiplier tube and the ground terminal of the test sample at one point, and then connected to the grounding grid.

2. Quick connection socket for IF and measuring cable

It is used for the connection between the chassis and dual voltage components. When connecting, only need to turn the cable plug clockwise, when disconnecting, just turn the cable plug counterclockwise.

3. Voltage setting switch

It is used to set the over-voltage protection value. The display unit of the DIP switch is kV, and the setting value is 1.1 times of the test voltage. Power input socket: connect the randomly configured power cord to the power input socket, (220V (+10 %) Alternating current, there is a safety tube in the socket,).  

4. Digital display voltmeter

Digital display DC high voltage output voltage, digital ammeter: digital display, DC high voltage output current, power switch: press the front, power, red light, it's off.

5. Light button

This function is used to quickly measure 0.75 UDC1mA zinc oxide arrester, it can work when the green light is on, press the yellow button, the yellow light is on, and the output high voltage drops to 0.75%, keep the state, press the red button, the yellow light, the green light is off , High pressure cut off, 0.75 times of export.

5. Green light button

Button high voltage, high voltage indicator, under the red light, after pressing the green button, the green light goes out, indicating that the high voltage circuit is turned on and the voltage can be increased. This button is only effective when the voltage adjustment potentiometer is reset to zero. If the green button is pressed, the green light It is still on, but the red indicator light is on and the green light is on, indicating that the internal protection circuit is working. 

6. Red light button

The red light is on, indicating that the power supply has been connected under high voltage. Press the red button at the green light to turn off the green light and close the high voltage circuit.

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