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Abnormal sound in high voltage test transformer

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1. Abnormal sound

During the operation of the distribution transformer, due to the alternating magnetic flux, the transformer core silicon steel sheet vibrates and makes a sound. During normal operation, this sound is clear and regular, but the transformer load changes significantly or the operating state appears If it is abnormal, the sound will increase more than usual, with intermittent noise or rough sound, collectively called abnormal sound.

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2. Cause analysis and treatment of abnormal noise from high-voltage test transformer

1. The sound is obviously increased, but relatively uniform. This abnormal sound is generally caused by excessive load.

It can be judged by measuring the load or touching the temperature of the distribution transformer housing, find out the cause of the overload, and reduce the overload that exceeds the allowable range. It is a serious overload, and the possibility of deterioration and damage to the insulation of the distribution transformer should be considered. The necessary tests.

2. The distribution transformer has shock loads, such as frequent starting of larger motors, intermittent work of electric welding machines, etc., which cause sudden increases and decreases in sound and irregular changes.

A clear judgment can be made by measuring the load. As long as it does not exceed the allowable load standard and does not exceed the allowable voltage fluctuation, it does not need to be processed; if it exceeds the allowable range, it should be handled after clearing the responsibilities. If the user equipment is approved for use, the power supply department It is necessary to consider increasing the capacity of the distribution transformer; if the user equipment is used without approval, not only is it required to stop using it immediately, but also necessary penalties must be imposed.

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