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How to safely operate the DC resistance tester?

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The operator must pay attention to safety when operating the DC resistance tester, and should also be careful to avoid affecting the equipment.

DC resistance tester is a must-test item for power equipment manufacturers and power generation and power supply departments in transformer factory inspection, handover test, and preventive test. It can effectively improve product quality and prevent electrical accidents. Transformer DC resistance tester .

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Notes for DC resistance tester:

1. This device is equipped with overcurrent protection, which is set at 80% of the rated output current when it leaves the factory. When used for small loads, it should be re-tuned according to the actual load conditions. When over-current or breakdown occurs during the boost process, the over-current protection action can protect the tested product and prevent the accident of the tested product from expanding. At this time, the input three-phase power supply should also be cut off immediately to prevent DC resistance testing. The instrument is damaged.

2. During the test, if the capacitance of the tested product is not large, the compensation reactor generally does not need to be connected to the line. If the capacitance current of the tested product is too large, the two ends of the compensation reactor should be connected to the tested product. The two ends are connected in parallel for current compensation, thereby improving the power factor of the entire test loop and reducing the output current.

3. Because the device works under supersaturation, the time to connect to the three-phase line should be as short as possible, generally no more than five minutes. When testing the tested product, the test time should not exceed 40 seconds.

4. When using the DC resistance tester, the contactor coil voltage in the control box is 1/3 of the output voltage of the triple frequency power generator, and it cannot be tried with a 50HZ power supply.

5. The power distribution reactor of the DC resistance tester is only allowed to be used when testing voltage transformers. When the voltage of the tested product exceeds a certain range, another power distribution reactor should be selected.

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