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Test procedure of DC high voltage generator

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The high-frequency DC high-voltage generator provides a DC high-voltage source, which is specially used to detect the electrical insulation strength and leakage current of power equipment. The high frequency DC high voltage generator products have the following characteristics:

1. The high frequency DC high voltage generator product is composed of an intermediate frequency inverter voltage doubler rectifier circuit, a dedicated PWM pulse width modulation chip and a high voltage high power MOSFET device, including 0.75U voltage output, current and voltage protection value settings and timing settings And the sound and light alarm when protecting.

2. The main components of the high-frequency DC high-voltage generator products are imported components, which make the instrument more reliable and stable. The voltage doubler is small in size, large in capacity, and strong in overload capacity, which is convenient for field operation and testing.

DC Hipot Tester.png

3. Negative output, zero start, continuously adjustable, with multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, zero return, grounding protection, and unique disconnection protection. The automatic protection circuit is powerful, the protection function is complete and reliable, the operation is safe, and all technical indicators are better than industry standards.

4. The high-frequency DC high-voltage generator product has added a high-precision function of 75%VDC-1mA, which is convenient for electrical testing of zinc oxide arresters. There is a 75% voltage function key on the control box of the instrument. When testing the arrester, there is no need to calculate the light pressure. When the current rises to 1000uA, press the 0.75UDC--1mA button. At this time, the value displayed by the voltmeter and ammeter is 75% of the data. Upon completion, the potentiometer should immediately return to the zero position. Then immediately press the green button to cut off the high voltage and turn off the power switch. Do other experiments.

Test procedure of high frequency DC high voltage generator:

1. Control box grounding terminal: Before connecting to the grounding network, please connect the grounding terminal of the control box to the grounding terminal of the voltage doubler and the test product.

2. IF and measurement cable quick connection socket: used to connect the chassis and voltage doubler components. When connecting, only need to rotate the cable plug clockwise into place, and when disconnecting, only need to rotate the cable plug counterclockwise.

3. Overvoltage setting dial switch: used to set the overvoltage protection value. The unit displayed by the DIP switch is kV, and the setting value is 1.1 times the test voltage.

4. Power input socket: connect the randomly configured power cord to the power input socket. (AC 220V±10%, there is a fuse in the socket.)

5. Digital display voltmeter: digital display DC high voltage output voltage.

6. Digital display ammeter: digital display DC high voltage output current.

7. Power switch: press forward, the power is turned on, and the red light is on. Otherwise, it will close.

8. Yellow light button: This function is specially designed for zinc oxide arrester, which can quickly measure 0, 75UDc1mA. Effective when the green light is on. When the yellow button is pressed, the yellow indicator light is on, and the output high voltage drops to 0.75% and maintains this state. Press the red button, the yellow and green indicator lights go out, the high voltage is cut off and exit 0, 75 times state.

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