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How to wire the three-phase DC resistance tester

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How to wire the three-phase DC resistance tester:

During work, electric workers often need to test the DC resistance value of power transformers, and they need a DC resistance tester to meet the needs of the majority of electric workers. Compared with the ordinary DC resistance tester, the three-phase DC resistance tester realizes three-phase simultaneous power-on, independent current sampling and voltage sampling. The function of measuring and displaying the three-phase resistance value and the three-phase unbalance rate at the same time greatly shortens the test time of the transformer DC resistance and solves the problem of long time-consuming DC resistance test of each tap winding of the power transformer. The time required is only the traditional method 1/3 of it.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

The DC resistance tester is a necessary test item for semi-finished products and finished products in the design and manufacture of transformers for factory test, installation, handover test, and preventive environmental test for power enterprise departments. It can effectively study and find that different parts of the transformer coil are selected, welded, and connected. Manufacturing technology defects such as loosening and disconnection and hidden dangers after operation.

Channel wiring: The test item is connected to a dedicated line by the test terminal to connect to the unit, which is firmly connected and grounded. Single-channel direct measurement of wiring, direct measurement of resistance can be simultaneously AO, BO, CO three stages. Turn on a power control switch, the LCD data display system starts the management interface, and then enters the main menu to display the information interface. Press the "←", "→" or "↑", "↓" direction keys to move the cursor to the company selection menu item, select the "three-in-one measurement" menu and press the <OK> key, then the three-channel development method can pass the measurement work simultaneously The resistance of the three-phase winding of the transformer; this measurement technique is only applicable to the transformer winding whose connection design method is YN type. After selecting the "Single-phase test" menu and pressing the <OK> key, some conventional single-phase measurement research methods will be used to test The resistance change of the product is analyzed and measured. It should be noted that the main terminals used by the current channel of the instrument under the single-phase measurement lifestyle are I+ and I-, and the terminals required for the voltage channel are U+ and U-. Select the "temperature requirement setting" menu and press The <OK> button can be set according to the test environment temperature of the sample during different measurements and the reference standard temperature converted to the test results.

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