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Different frequency method grounding tester

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Basic principle of different frequency ground resistance tester:

It adopts advanced technologies such as central processing unit and large-scale integrated circuit to form automated test equipment. The operation process is fully automated, and the oil test test data can be printed through a micro-printer configured on the panel. This equipment has test stability compared with ordinary instruments and similar instruments Good performance, high precision, and good operability. The equipment has a variety of test operation modes in the oil test operation. The main features:

Earth Resistance Tester.png

1. Fully automatic test mode: 6 consecutive tests, automatic average value, 6 test data and average number are printed out through the panel printer.

2. Single automatic test mode: automatically complete one test and print out the single test data.

The AC reversible motor is used to drive the voltage regulator through the step-up transformer at a constant speed of 3 kV/s. When the oil sample is broken down, the protection system automatically cuts off the step-up power supply circuit, and the protection circuit provides an interrupt signal to the system. After the system responds, it executes the test oil breakdown procedure, and its main operation content:

1. The four-digit digital tube flashes for 8 consecutive times, prompting oil test breakdown;

2. Record test data;

3. The program control automatically executes the zero return operation. After returning to zero, identify whether to proceed to the next test operation cycle or automatically exit the test state according to the number of tests.

Maintenance of different frequency ground resistance tester:

1.The maintenance, care and adjustment of the instrument should be performed by professionals.

2.The instrument can be used indoors and outdoors, but it should be used in places such as rain, corrosive gas, excessive dust, high temperature or direct sunlight.

3.The oil cup should be kept clean, and it should be filled with dry and qualified insulating oil during the non-use period to keep the oil cup from moisture.

4. After the electrode has been used continuously for one month, an inspection should be carried out to check whether the electrode gap has changed, and use a magnifying glass to observe whether the electrode surface is darkened. If this phenomenon occurs, wipe the electrode surface with silk cloth and readjust it. The electrode gap makes it meet the requirements.

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