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When to use an insulation resistance tester?

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With the continuous update and expansion of modern technology, the reliability of power systems and high-voltage equipment has also put forward higher requirements. Electrical equipment accidents or damage are usually closely related to insulation defects. The large capacity, high voltage, diversified structure and tightness of electrical equipment should be updated and more demanding. The use of large-capacity equipment is increasing, and the insulation performance cannot be detected with an ordinary megger. The power test regulations require a series of insulation performance tests for multiple power equipment such as cables, motors, generators, transformers, transformers, high-voltage switches, and lightning arresters. One is insulation resistance tests.

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When testing the insulation resistance of large-capacity power system equipment, the insulation resistance value is related to the time management of pressurization. The longer the pressurization time, the higher the insulation resistance value. This social phenomenon is called insulation absorption. To understand the insulation technology performance research of the tested product, we must first perform absorption ratio and polarization index tests on it, and provide information security education guarantee for the next step of leakage, dielectric loss, partial discharge, etc., insulation performance analysis test design.

Since the charging current directly affects the insulation value of the large capacitance of the test sample, a large charging current is required, and the closer the charging capacity to the test value is, the stronger the true value. The instrument is larger than the short-circuit current of 3.3 mA, in order to overcome the inaccurate detection of the ordinary short-circuit current small megohmmeter, and is susceptible to interference and other defects. The voltage and current samples of the instrument are taken in time to do the division operation. Therefore, even when the test voltage is changed, the resistance value obtained by the calculation of the Ohm theorem is accurate. The meter uses the principle of combining digital pointers, multi-speed output voltage, easy to adapt to new and old customers. This instrument is a new type of intelligent instrument. Electricity is the best choice for insulation testers.

Insulation resistance tester is a high-voltage power test equipment frequently used by power workers. You should know which occasions need to be used and which occasions do not need to be used in order to get twice the result with half the effort during work.

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