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Advantages of digital megohmmeter

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The megohmmeter is a special instrument for measuring insulation resistance in the power detection test, so it is widely used in the industry. In the previous insulation resistance measurement, the traditional megohmmeter mainly uses the hand-cranked pointer type megohmmeter. It is often said to shake the watch.

Later, with the development of technology, there was also a kind of shaker that uses a motor to replace the hand crank. Its output voltage is more accurate than that of the hand crank, but it still can't get rid of some of the inherent shortcomings of mechanical instruments.

Up to now, the emergence of digital megohmmeters has overcome the various defects of traditional shake meters, making the measurement of insulation resistance easier and more convenient. The insulation resistance can also be easily measured during a power outage, and the accuracy, degree of automation and There has been a great progress in the degree of informatization.

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The advantages of digital megohmmeters compared with traditional shaking tables are mainly manifested in the following points:

1. Rely on the DC high voltage generated by the DC power supply of the digital megohmmeter, and different voltage levels can be easily selected for different detected objects;

2. The digital megohmmeter has a large range, which can automatically switch the range according to the actual measurement value;

3. The digital megohmmeter adopts high precision, and the contrast measurement accuracy is higher than that of the traditional shaker, and it has an order of magnitude improvement. Moreover, the digital megohmmeter uses a liquid crystal display to directly display the reading, avoiding the reading error of the pointer instrument;

4. The digital megohmmeter can conveniently and accurately measure the absorption ratio and polarization coefficient of the sample;

5. The digital megohmmeter has a complete historical data record storage function, which is convenient for the retrospection of historical data. At the same time, it also has an external microcomputer interface, which can upload data and download instrument parameters;

6. The digital megohmmeter is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and improves measurement efficiency. The whole machine is beautiful and high-grade, wide range, high resolution, convenient operation, easy to carry, accurate, reliable, stable performance, high output power, strong anti-interference ability.

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