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Transformer volt-ampere characteristic tester

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If it is not in a laboratory environment, the DC high-voltage generator tester must be reliably grounded before it can be used. The grounding point should be as close as possible to the test object. When disconnecting the cable, always start with the device that delivers power. When the device has output, do not connect or disconnect the test object, because the energy stored by the external induction may cause a lethal high voltage. When testing, always keep one terminal on the high voltage side of the transformer grounded. Do not insert other objects into vents or input/output ports.

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Before putting the tester into operation, check the tester for visible damage. Do not operate the tester in rainy or humid climates. Do not operate the tester in the presence of explosive gas or steam. Before putting the tester into operation, make sure that the vents, power switch and power socket are not blocked. High voltage may be generated inside the tester! Therefore, only qualified personnel are allowed to open the tester. To prevent parasitic current or voltage, always connect the equipotential ground of the tester to the protective ground. Make sure that the terminal of the test object connected to the tester does not carry any potential. During the test, the tester is the allowable power source for the test object. When measuring the transformation ratio of the transformer, please ensure that the wiring is correct, otherwise a life-threatening voltage may be generated inside the transformer and damage the connected transformer is the tester!

Only cables with 4 mm2 safety "banana" plugs and plastic shells can be used for wiring the input/output sockets on the panel. Do not stand close to or under the connector, the clamp may fall and be injured. If the tester or any additional device or accessory does not seem to work properly, please stop using it.

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