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Detailed test of high voltage generator

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The high-voltage generator is a high-voltage power supply for the test equipment in the electric high-voltage test. It is mainly used for insulation and leakage detection. At present, there is not much difference between high-voltage power supply and high-voltage generator.

In the power test, the high-voltage generator has advanced technical performance. It is usually used to conduct DC withstand voltage test on zinc oxide arresters, power cables, transformers, generators and other high-voltage electrical equipment in the power departments of power departments, industrial and mining, metallurgy, steel and other enterprises. . Since most of the test items are high-voltage tests, it is usually necessary to pay attention to professionals with a "high-voltage test certificate" during the test. Do the grounding before the test in use, and check whether all test wiring, control box, pressure doubler and test product are grounded.

DC Hipot Tester.png

In addition, we should also have a set of methods to deal with and check when encountering a DC high-voltage generator failure.

1. If the digital display of the control box is not bright, first check the power connection line and all insurance tubes. If the insurance tube is damaged, replace with a new one in time.

2. The digital display is on, the green light for high voltage display is off, and the high voltage cannot be applied. Compare the fault display status and do the corresponding treatment: the "return to zero" light is on, then turn the high voltage output adjustment knob and the fine adjustment knob counterclockwise to return to the zero position until the "return to zero" light is off; if other indications are displayed, first check whether the grounding is standard. If not connected, turn off the power, connect the ground wire, and restart. If the problem has not been solved, you should see if the product is connected to the straight high hair. In short, everything is based on checking the wiring.

3. When the protection is in the process of not rising to the rated output voltage, it is necessary to check whether the overvoltage protection setting adjustment meets the requirements.

Whether it is a cable or lightning arrester, transformer or other DC high voltage withstand voltage test, a preliminary inspection according to the above three steps is believed to be able to solve the failure problem encountered in the test. In fact, as long as the operating specifications and the selected DC high-voltage generator are of high quality and superior performance, the test can basically be carried out smoothly.

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