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What is the role of insulation resistance testing?

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At present, if the electric power industry wants the normal operation of electrical equipment, so that the electrical equipment does not frequently break down and the safe and stable operation of the power system, the insulation status of the electrical equipment will be checked. Measuring insulation resistance is a relatively simple and convenient auxiliary method, and it is also a very common detection method used in the power industry.

1. Why do insulation resistance test?

The insulation problem of electrical equipment in the power industry is the main factor that causes the failure of electrical equipment, and the insulation performance also has a certain impact on the life of electrical equipment. Therefore, insulation testing is an important task in electrical equipment inspection. Insulation resistance is an important index to judge insulation performance. For any kind of electrical equipment, ensuring its phase-to-phase and ground-to-ground insulation resistance is one of the important indicators for the safe operation of electrical equipment. Therefore, measuring the insulation resistance of electrical equipment is a very important process.

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2. How to start the insulation resistance test?

1. When measuring the insulation resistance of the equipment, disconnect the power supply first; for equipment with capacitive properties (such as cable lines), discharge the equipment first and confirm that there is no electricity before testing.

2. Multi-strand soft copper wire should be used for the lead of the insulation resistance meter, and it must have good insulation performance. The two wires should not be entangled together to avoid measurement errors.

3. The insulation resistance meter should be placed in a horizontal position. Before wiring, turn the insulation energy meter to see if the pointer is at "∞". Then short-circuit the (L) and (E) terminals, and slowly turn the insulation resistance tester to see if the pointer points to the "zero" position.

 4. When measuring motors, large-capacity transformers, cables and capacitors, there must be a certain charging time. The greater the capacity, the longer the charging time. Generally, the reading after the insulation resistance meter has been rotated for one minute shall prevail.

5. The surface of the object to be measured must be wiped clean, and there must be no dirt, so as to avoid leakage and affect the accuracy of the measurement.

6. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the measurement must be repeated more than twice.

3. What are the benefits of insulation resistance testing of electrical equipment?

The insulation resistance of electrical equipment can be regarded as an important index for comprehensive analysis of the insulation performance of electrical equipment. Mastering the insulation performance of electrical equipment is conducive to the smooth completion of electrical equipment inspection work, and it is also helpful to the maintenance of electrical equipment. It can realize the normal and safe operation of electrical equipment.

4. How to choose an insulation resistance tester?

Testing equipment for the insulation resistance of electrical equipment has always been of great concern. There are not only intelligent insulation resistance testers, large-scale grounding resistance testers, but also a batch of insulation and ground resistance test equipment such as inter-chip resistance testers. Existing insulation test work on the market. To a large extent, ensure the normal and safe operation of electrical equipment and reduce unnecessary losses caused by electrical equipment failure.

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