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Operation steps of high voltage test transformer

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Operation steps of high voltage test transformer:

1. Connect the leads according to the wiring schematic diagram, and reliably ground the transformer and the control box;

2. Before the test, check whether the wiring of each part is in good contact, and check whether the voltage regulator of the control box is adjusted to the "zero" position;

3. Turn on the power, the green indicator light is on, press the start button, the red indicator light is on, indicating that the transformer is energized and waiting for the boost;

4. Rotate the handle of the regulator clockwise at a constant speed to increase the pressure, and pay close attention to the indication of the instrument and the condition of the test product;

5. After the test is completed, the voltage should be quickly reduced to zero, and the stop button should be pressed, then the power supply should be cut off and the test lead should be released.

Hipot Test Set.png

Note for high voltage test transformer:

1. When doing high-pressure tests, two or more people must participate, and the division of labor must be clearly defined and the methods for each other must be clear. And there is a dedicated person to supervise the on-site safety and observe the test status of the sample;

2. The transformer and control box should have reliable grounding;

3. During the test, the boost speed cannot be too fast, and it is never allowed to suddenly power on or cut off the full voltage;

4. During the boost or withstand voltage test, if the following abnormal conditions are found, the voltage should be reduced immediately, the power supply should be cut off, the test should be stopped, and the cause should be found before the test.

①The pointer of the voltmeter swings greatly;

②The peculiar smell and smoke of the insulation burnt are found;

③There is abnormal sound in the tested product.

5. During the test, if the test product is short-circuited or the fault is broken down, the overcurrent relay in the control box works. At this time, return the voltage regulator to the zero position and cut off the power supply before taking the test product out.

6. When conducting a capacitance test or a DC high voltage leakage test, after the test is completed, lower the voltage regulator to zero and cut off the power supply. Then, use a discharge rod to discharge the high voltage end of the test product or capacitor to the ground. In order to avoid the risk of electric shock from the potential stored in the capacitor.

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