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Instructions for use of moisture tester

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The moisture tester is a high-precision intelligent instrument for measuring the moisture content in SF6 gas.

Moisture tester introduces Vaisala precision, high accuracy, repeatability, test speed, drift and high stability of humidity sensor. SF6 moisture is widely used in switching substation SF6 gas and hydrogen moisture station, hydrogen cooling The hydrogen precision of the generator is low water, fast detection, and can also be used to detect low water metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, and special gas.

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The following is an introduction to the use of the moisture tester

1. Operation steps

1. First turn on the power and let the instrument perform automatic calibration, about five minutes.

2. First connect one end of the inlet pipe to the instrument, and close the flow control valve. Then connect the other end of the intake pipe to the tested equipment.

3. Open the flow control valve and adjust to about 0.6~0.7L/min

4. Automatically complete the time measurement within a few minutes (about ten minutes to measure the first sample, and it usually only takes 2-5 minutes to pass the test continuously. If you need to convert, please refer to the relevant data for conversion), press the save button to save the information Data, press the display key repeatedly to view historical development data

5. There is no need to turn off the power of the instrument during continuous measurement. Just repeat the above steps, which can greatly save measurement time

6. After the instrument is used up, be sure to turn off the power to protect the instrument battery

2. Data conversion

When the ambient temperature is higher than 20℃, when the instrument is compared with the test value as the standard value (when the water content of GB 20℃ is allowed by the SF6 equipment), it is necessary to convert the measured value data to 20℃

The method proceeds as follows:

1. When the measured gas environment temperature can be in a stable development state. Set the K value to +0.5 under the setting menu to set different measurement technical parameters, and the value measured by the instrument is the data at 20°C.

2. When the measured value of the instrument is stable, the K value is set to 0.5, and the instrument display value is 20°C.

3. When the ambient temperature is lower than the measured value and lower than the standard value at 20°C or the ambient temperature is higher than 20°C, conversion is generally not required, and the value K should be 0 at this time.

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