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Discharge operation in high voltage withstand test

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After completing the general high-voltage withstand voltage test, the correct discharge stage operation

1. When releasing large-capacity and high-voltage withstand voltage test samples, the test power must be disconnected after the withstand voltage test is completed, and after a period of waiting, the electric charge of the test object is automatically discharged to the ground through the double pressure cylinder and the test object itself. At this time, It can be seen that the voltage of the voltmeter of the control box gradually drops and drops. When the voltmeter drops to a low voltage of usually about 5kv-15kv, it can be slowly moved to the vicinity of the test object through the discharge rod. First, the air is free through the gap Discharge. At this time, you will hear one. If you cannot hear the sound, please use the tip of the drain rod to touch the test object, and finally directly ground and eject the test object.

2. In the large-scale capacitive high-voltage withstand voltage test, the accumulated charge of the test object is proportional to the capacitance of the test object, and the applied voltage and time during the test period. Pay attention to the discharge operation to appropriately extend the discharge time according to the amount of material to ensure completeness. Discharge and ensure the safety of testers.

3. After the high-voltage cable has been tested for several kilometers, the discharge time is usually very long and must be repeatedly discharged. The resistance capacity is large and a large discharge load is required.

4. It is strictly prohibited to use a DC high-voltage discharge rod to directly discharge the test object before turning off the test power supply and completely shutting down the test object power supply.

5. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the DC high-voltage discharge rod with feet or heavy objects, or bend the DC high-voltage discharge rod.

6. It is strictly forbidden to dampen the DC high-voltage discharge rod, so as not to affect the insulation strength, and it should be placed in a dry place.

After completing the high voltage withstand test, use general discharge operation equipment

The DC high-voltage discharge rod is suitable for outdoor high-voltage testing, especially after the DC voltage immunity test, in order to protect personal safety, the charge accumulated on the tested object will be released to the ground. The discharge rod should be used for distribution, and to ensure that each The necessary equipment for the personal safety of testers, the portable telescopic DC high-voltage discharge rod is convenient, flexible, small in size, light in weight, safe and reliable, and is an indispensable safety tool for high-voltage workers.

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