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What is electret melt blown equipment?

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The bottom of the entire mask is meltblown non-woven fabric. Meltblown nonwovens are ideal for masks. Due to the dense blown layer of the electrostatic electret generator, the linear density of its fibers is very low. They are all superfine fibers, which can reach 0.01~0.05 dtex, which is about 1% of the linear density of spunbond fibers.

The fibers of the meltblown web are very thin, and the fiber web is very uniform. When in contact with liquid, the liquid is not easily penetrated due to surface tension. Due to the small gap formed by the bonding of superfine fibers, dust and bacteria are blocked, the specific surface area is large, and the arrangement of the non-woven fabric is uneven. Solve the problem between the filtering effect and suction of common filter materials. contradiction.

The new coronavirus is extremely contagious. Masks have become necessary for protection, and the supply of masks exceeds demand. Mask manufacturers everywhere will work overtime to make masks. The meltblown wool required to produce masks is an important raw material. Napkins are made of polypropylene microfibers that are randomly arranged and bonded. The appearance is white, flat and soft. The fiber fineness of this material is 0.3-7.0 microns. The disordered distribution of fibers provides more opportunities for thermal bonding between fibers, leading to melting. The air filter material has a larger specific surface area and a higher porosity (≥75%). After high-voltage electret electrostatic treatment, it has a low resistance, blown electret electrostatic generator. The device can continuously generate high-voltage static electricity. Its main function is to use static electricity to melt the non-woven material of the mask, so that the mask can resist the aerosol of Staphylococcus aureus with an average particle size of (3±0.3) μm. The filtration efficiency is not less than 95%, and the equipment is irreplaceable on the mask production line.

Product features of electrostatic electret melt-blown equipment: special high-voltage power supply, digital control mode, abnormally slow start, nanosecond arc response capability to ensure smooth operation of the melt production line throughout the day; the average particle size of the mask raw materials under the action of static electricity The filtration efficiency of (3±0.3)μm Staphylococcus aureus aerosol is at least 95%. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low water resistance, good antibacterial performance and energy saving, and can be used for daily use. Based on the blocking effect of the filter material on physical collisions, electrostatic adsorption is increased; good electrical performance, high humidity resistance, no leakage, good performance, high precision, high safety in use, and comprehensive protection.

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