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How to adjust power detection equipment failure?

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The DC high-voltage generator power detection equipment adopts a high-frequency voltage doubler circuit, an advanced PWM high-frequency pulse width modulation technology, closed-loop adjustment, and a large voltage feedback, which greatly improves the voltage stability. Use high-power IGBT devices and drive technology with superior performance, and adopt special shielding, isolation and grounding measures according to the electromagnetic compatibility theory. The DC high voltage generator realizes high quality, portable, and can withstand the rated voltage discharge without damage. It has the characteristics of large output power, small size, reliable overvoltage, overcurrent and zero closing protection functions, with 0.75 times voltage switching function. It is mainly used in the power department of electric power department, industrial and mining, metallurgy, steel and other enterprises to conduct DC withstand voltage test or DC leakage current test on high voltage electrical equipment such as zinc oxide arresters, power cables, transformers, circuit breakers, and generators.


1. When the power switch is turned on, the digital display on the control box does not light up

Please check the power connection and all fuses. If the fuses are damaged, please replace them with new ones according to the amperage marked next to the fuse holder.

2. If the power switch is turned on, the digital display is on, the high voltage indicator (green) is off, and high voltage cannot be applied.

① The fault display "return to zero" light is on

If there is no zero return, please turn the high-voltage output adjustment knob and fine-tuning knob counterclockwise to return to the zero position until the "return to zero" light is off, and then high voltage can be added.

② There are two phenomena when the fault display "other" light is on, 1. grounding protection, 2. disconnection protection

a. The ground wire may not be connected well, or the ground wire is not reliably grounded. Please connect a reliable ground wire, turn off the power, and restart.

b. It may be that the cable connecting the control box and the high-voltage tower is not connected properly. Please turn off the power supply and restart after connecting the cable. Or this fault will occur when the welding heads at both ends of the cable are disconnected. Please weld the welding heads at both ends of the cable, turn off the power supply, and restart.

C. It is possible that a wire in the control box is disconnected from welding. Please re-solder, turn off the power and restart.

3. Everything is normal, but it is protected when the rated output voltage is not raised

①The fault display "overcurrent" light is on

a. The sample is short-circuited, or the leakage current is too large.

b. When the load is large, the boost is too fast. Turn off the power, restart, and slow down the boost speed.

② The fault display "overvoltage" light is on

The overvoltage protection setting knob is not at the maximum point, please turn it clockwise to the maximum point, turn off the power, and restart.

4. When the test product is short-circuited under high voltage, due to the large short-circuit current, it is possible to light up all the fault indicators. This is normal. Please remove the test product failure and restart.

5. After the fault of the test product is eliminated, the fault indicator is still on and high voltage cannot be applied.

The power switch is also a fault protection reset switch. Please turn off the power switch and restart to boost the voltage.

6. If you find that the number of the voltmeter fluctuates greatly, please check whether the 7-pin shielded mesh head and the center shielded wire end of the aviation plug at both ends of the connecting cable are disconnected. If it is disconnected, please solder it.

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