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Causes of unbalanced three-phase resistance

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Generally, there are several reasons:

1. The conductive rod in the transformer bushing is in poor contact with the inner lead. After the transformer has been overhauled on site, the bolts at the connection between the conductive rod and the inner lead in the bushing are not tightened tightly, causing the joint to heat up.

2. Poor contact of the decomposition switch, due to the unclean inside of the tap switch, electroplating off, insufficient spring pressure, etc., the resistance of individual taps is too large and the three-phase resistance is unbalanced.

3. The low-voltage winding of the large-capacity transformer adopts double-spiral or quad-spiral type. Because the spiral sees the wires move each other, the resistance between each phase winding is unbalanced.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

4. Poor welding, due to poor welding quality of the lead wire and winding, the resistance at the contact point is too large, or one or several strands of the multi-strand parallel winding are not welded, causing the resistance to be too large.

5. The difference between the resistance phases has exceeded the regulations when leaving the factory.

6. Wrong measurement wiring and experimental methods.

The wrong measurement wiring and test methods that cause resistance imbalance generally include:

1. The charging time is not enough and the measured value is read when the current is not stable.

2. The connection position of the measuring wiring and the transformer connector is wrong, that is, the voltage lead is outside the current lead or the same position of the current lead during measurement, so that the resistance of the contact is also included in the measured value.

3. When measuring a certain winding, the other windings are not disconnected from the grounding body, resulting in unstable charging.

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