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How to do frequency slip test

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Rated operating voltage, the voltage value output in the rated operating state, generally 57.740V, rated operating frequency: the frequency value output during the test, generally 50Hz, the load calculation current, the output current value in the rated state, the load is performed Current passing phase: Taking voltage as a reference, the load control current can be offset differently relative to other voltage angles. The output no-load (or load) state is obtained during the pre-fault time and the pre-fault time. It is usually mainly used to analyze analog signal relays or The restoration of protection, generally, we must be able to ensure that the information protection provides a reliable restoration in the time before the failure.

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Fault progress time, fault handling time The development stage can output the voltage and current working status of the equipment after the fault. In order to be able to search for the action boundary of this section correctly, it must be ensured that the setting of "fault analysis time" is set to be greater than this section. Action learning time, but less than the setting action completion time of the next stage. If the test data is away from the action boundary of the information protection stage II, the "fault occurrence time" must have a setting time greater than that of stage II, but less than that of stage III. The six output control channels of Ua, Ub, Uc, Ia, Ib, and Ic can be studied and selected in the submenu of "Output Signal Channel" of the menu respectively, in the input boxes of "Output Amplitude" and "Output Phase" at the upper left of the interface Enter the output value of the AC system voltage and current.

The program provides 11 types of faults, including A, B, C grounding, AB, BC, CA phase short circuit, two-phase grounding and three-phase short circuit, fault direction: can be set to forward fault or reverse fault, short circuit current : The fault phase current flowing through the protection device when a short-circuit fault occurs. Anti-shake time: When the action contact of the protection device is closed or the opening time is less than this time, the contact action is not confirmed, and the working time is waited. The search and learning process can be set at each step After the end, keep the current social output of the enterprise and wait for the environmental protection technical action time. Generally, the waiting time should be set to be greater than the protection action development time, reset frequency, and ensure the frequency and reset time of the protection control device during the reset time. Considering that data protection, we may just need to pass a reset process for a certain time, so before the test, the voltage and current state determined by the starting point of the change are first output to ensure that the protection resets reliably before the test.

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