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SF6 gas water content measurement

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SF6 gas water content measurement

SF6 gas always contains some impurities such as moisture, and moisture exists in the form of water vapor. One of the hazards of moisture is: when the temperature drops, excess moisture may condense into water and adhere to the surface of the insulating parts, and develop into a surface discharge. Cause accidents, so the water content of SF6 gas must be limited to a certain level. In addition, the moisture in the gas also participates in the decomposition reaction under the action of the arc, generating many harmful substances. The formation of these arc by-products not only causes the corrosion and aging of some structural materials inside the equipment. At the same time, when the equipment has gas leaks or when the equipment is disassembled for maintenance, it may affect the health of the staff.

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SF6 gas water content measurement principle

Generally, there are two principles for measuring the water content of SF6 gas: one is to directly measure the volume ratio of water content. The second is to measure the moisture dew point and then convert it to moisture content.

SF6 gas micro water measurement and detection

The gas micro-water measuring instrument is a high-precision intelligent power tester for measuring the trace moisture content in SF6 gas. The SF6 intelligent micro-water measuring instrument is suitable for petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, scientific research institutes and power construction and other units and departments. Reliable, no air leakage, ensure data accuracy and reliability, portable operation, fast response time during the test process, short measurement cycle, intuitive display, simple operation, SF6 water meter adopts intelligent self-calibration technology, wide measurement range, and response speed Fast, high accuracy, good linearity, dynamic display of measurement curve.

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