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Direct resistance tachometer wiring method

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Transformer DC resistance measurement is a must-test item for semi-finished products, finished products factory test, installation, handover test and preventive test of the power department in the manufacture of transformers. It can effectively find the material selection, welding, loose connection of the transformer coil, missing strands, broken wires, etc. Defects and hidden dangers after operation.

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Transformer direct resistance tachometer is mainly used to measure the DC resistance value of power transformers. It has the characteristics of fast test speed, high accuracy, convenience and reliability, and is very popular among power workers.

1. Wiring: Generally speaking, there are two wiring methods: direct wiring and magnetic-assisted wiring.

1) Direct wiring: Direct wiring is to use a dedicated cable to firmly connect the tested product with the test line terminal of the machine, and connect the ground wire.

2) Magnetic-assisted wiring: Magnetic-assisted wiring is suitable for Y(N)-d-11 connection group. Common wiring methods are: wiring method for measuring low voltage Rac, wiring method for measuring low voltage Rba, wiring method for measuring low voltage Rcb .

2. Select current: Turn on the power switch, the large current value of 50A will be displayed on the display screen, select the preset current for the tested product through the selection key, the selection range is: 10A, 20A, 50A.

3. Test: After confirming the appropriate current, the test can be started. After confirming the current, the display will show "Charging", then it will become "Testing", and then the resistance value will be displayed, and the test is complete.

4. Disconnect the wire after the test is completed: press the "reset" button after the test is completed, at this time the power cord and the winding are disconnected, discharge, sound alarm, the display screen returns to the initial state, the ammeter returns to zero, the next time the transformer DC resistance is measured as above Just operate.

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