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What is the function of the test transformer

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The power frequency withstand voltage test is a key item of the transformer test. It is a basic measure to assess the dielectric strength of the main insulation. A power frequency AC test voltage exceeding a certain multiple of the rated voltage is performed on the transformer windings together with the bushing, and the AC withstand voltage lasting 1min The purpose of the test is to test the insulation level of the transformer windings under more severe conditions than the operating conditions.


The AC withstand voltage test is a destructive test. Therefore, it must be carried out on the basis that other insulation tests are qualified to avoid unnecessary insulation breakdown and damage accidents.


Hipot Test Set.png

After the transformer winding insulation has passed the AC withstand voltage test, it can be put into operation.


The power frequency withstand voltage test device is composed of a test transformer and a withstand voltage test console. It can be used for the withstand voltage test of transformers, cable withstand voltage test and other electrical equipment withstand voltage insulation tests. The power frequency withstand voltage test device is based on the power industry Standard design of intelligent withstand voltage test equipment, used to conduct insulation strength test under specified voltage for various electrical products, electrical components, insulating materials, etc., to assess the insulation level of the product, find the insulation defect of the tested product, and measure the overvoltage The abilities are widely used in electrical manufacturing departments, power operation departments, scientific research institutions and universities.

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