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Affect the frequency of DC resistance tester

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In order to make the transformer DC resistance tester achieve the expected results, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the working frequency of the transformer DC resistance tester when designing and using it. The transformer DC resistance tester has a fast test speed, and the large output charging current of the instrument can reach 2A. , It can effectively compensate the current inertia of large inductance equipment during measurement, accelerate the saturation of the iron core, thereby shorten the charging time, increase the test speed, and it is hundreds of times faster than the traditional single-arm and double-arm bridges and has high accuracy. In addition to the advanced four-terminal measurement method, it also uses advanced constant current power supply technology to keep the charging current of the inductive load at a relatively stable value, with stable anti-inductance and strong anti-interference ability, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the measurement, and Using imported components, the measurement results have high accuracy, good repeatability, and wide measurement range: resistance measurement range is 1μΩ~2KΩ, wide range, AC and DC dual purpose: this instrument is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, AC and DC power supply, portable Design, easy to use and carry.

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The working frequency of the transformer DC resistance tester is closely related to the loss of the transformer core, so it should be designed and used according to the frequency of use. This frequency is called the working frequency. Rated voltage: refers to the allowable voltage applied to the coil of the transformer. The rated power should not be greater than the specified value. Rated power: Under the specified frequency and voltage, the output power of the transformer that can work for a long time without exceeding the specified temperature rise. Voltage ratio refers to the ratio of the transformer primary voltage to the secondary voltage. There is no-load voltage ratio. And the difference between load voltage ratio.

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