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Ripple coefficient of DC high voltage generator

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The high frequency DC high voltage generator adopts intermediate frequency rectification and filtering technology, which solves the shortcomings of the power frequency DC high voltage generator with large ripple coefficient and unstable waveform. It is widely used in the DC withstand voltage test and leakage current test of electrical equipment, with a special set voltage U1mA Below 1mA, the leakage current function is below 0.75U1mA of the zinc oxide arrester.

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An energy storage device installed at both ends of a rectifier circuit to reduce AC ripple coefficient and improve high efficiency and smooth DC output. This device is usually called a filter capacitor. The filter capacitor has electrode polarity and is also called an electrolytic capacitor. One end of the electrolytic capacitor is positive and the other is negative. The positive terminal is connected to the positive terminal of the rectifier output circuit, and the negative terminal is connected to the negative terminal of the circuit. In all circuits that need to convert alternating current to direct current, setting a filter capacitor will make electrons The performance of the circuit is more stable, and it can also reduce the interference of AC ripple on the electronic circuit. The symbol of the filter capacitor in the circuit is usually represented by "C". The larger the capacitance, the better the filter performance. In order to obtain a better DC stability coefficient , Usually choose hundreds of microfarads or thousands of microfarads capacitance.

The ripple coefficient of a DC high-voltage generator refers to the ratio of the AC component and the DC voltage in the DC power supply. It is called the ripple coefficient and is used to measure the quality of the filter.

The image of a wave is called a waveform. Different waveforms have different waveforms. When the frequency is different, the waveform shows expansion and contraction similar to a spring. When the amplitude is different, the waveform shows a wave like a mountain. The sound waveform is beautiful and smooth, and noisy. The waveform is confusing and complicated. There are many kinds of waveforms. Different waveforms have different definitions and measurement methods. The sine waveform is defined in the time domain, but its waveform distortion parameters are represented by the sine waveform after Fourier transform, in the frequency domain. The amplitude of the harmonic component relative to the fundamental wave is represented (see distortion measurement). The nonlinearity of the wave refers to the degree of deviation of the actual waveform from the ideal straight line. The nonlinearity of the low-rate sawtooth wave can be measured by the method of equal interval precision sampling. The content of waveform measurement is more.

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