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Common fault treatment of DC resistance tester

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The DC resistance tester often has the following faults: the pointer of the ground resistance tester does not move, or the pointer of the battery voltage and ground resistance tester does not move during measurement.

Cause of failure: It may be caused by a burned head or the wiring that connects the plug to the circuit board. This is also caused by excessive vibration of the ground resistance tester during use or transportation.

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Method steps: First, open the header board and manually move the pointers and other pointers. The pointers cannot be automatically reset to zero, indicating that the header is damaged; otherwise, the header is welded and the meter head is measured with a multimeter resistor. If the meter is opened, the header is burned. Then use a multimeter current and voltmeter to measure the original connection of the meter head, and press the grounding resistance meter to check the voltage button. If the multimeter has a voltage indication, it means that only the fault of the ground resistance tester is caused by the damage of the meter head, which can be repaired after replacing the new meter head. If the meter head is in good condition, open the case of the ground resistance tester. Check the header connection (if disconnected).

The test of the transformer DC resistance tester is the key task of whether the power equipment can be integrated into the grid operation. It is one of the effective means to ensure the safe operation of the power system. The measurement of DC resistance is an important part of the handover test. Therefore, the correct diagnosis of DC resistance measurement results is particularly important.

It is very important that the transformer DC resistance tester adopts an ordinary DC bus. During the power-on process, full consideration must be given to the control of the inverter, power transmission faults, load characteristics, and maintenance of the main input circuit. The program includes three-phase lines, DC bus, general-purpose inverters, common braking units or energy feedback devices and some accessories .

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