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Common faults of transformer capacity tester

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Common troubleshooting

1. No display when power on: power off first and open the fuse box of AC 220V socket on the back panel. Check whether the fuse is blown, and replace the fuse.

2. The screen suddenly goes black: press the reset button to restart the measurement. Incorrect measurement and calculation results: Check the external wiring, whether it is operated according to the instructions, whether there is poor contact or wrong wiring. The related parameter settings are incorrect.

Transformer Capacity Load No-load Tester.png

3. The measured voltage is normal but the current shows zero, please check whether the fuse of the current file is blown.

4. When the double-meter method is connected, it prompts a wiring error. Please check the field wiring carefully according to the manual. If you confirm that the wiring is correct, please change the A/C phase of the voltage regulator and try again. In order to determine whether the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply on site is wrong.

5. The results of the no-load test have a large jump. Please note that the test power supply needs to be separated from the power supply used by high-power impact equipment such as shop cranes.

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