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Notes for Capacitance and Inductance Tester

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Precautions before using the capacitance and inductance tester:


1. After unpacking the instrument, follow the instrument packing list to check whether it matches.

2. Before operating the capacitance and inductance tester, you should first read this manual in detail, or proceed under the guidance of a person familiar with the instrument to avoid misoperation.

Automatic Capacitance Inductance Tester.png

3. The power input line should be the same as the power socket of the instrument.

4. Because the liquid crystal is affected by temperature, it will cause the grayscale of the screen to change. If the writing is not clear, adjust the knob.

5. The clamp meter is generally used together with the instrument, or it can be used alone. Please put it back in the protective box after each use to avoid damage.

6. The capacitance and inductance tester should work in the environment specified by the technical indicators. The instrument, especially the connecting test leads, should be kept away from strong electromagnetic fields to avoid interference with the measurement.

7. When the capacitance and inductance tester is tested or needs to be turned on after troubleshooting, the power switch should be placed in the off position and the power plug should be unplugged.

8. The test cables, wires, and clips of the capacitance and inductance tester should be kept clean to ensure good test contact.

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