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Ground resistance tester is a measuring line

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The grounding resistance tester is suitable for measuring the changes of grounding resistance through various control devices and the resistance of low-resistance conductors in China's electric power, post and telecommunications, railways, communications, mining and other departments. It can also be used to measure and study soil resistivity and ground voltage. Because the resistance of the working grounding system is generally relatively small (<0.1Ω), the resistance of the insulating material is relatively large (the minimum is 1MΩ, and the maximum can reach 500MΩ or even infinity). Since different ground resistance testers cannot pass the insulation resistance of the test equipment, the measurement and insulation resistance should be analyzed and measured with an insulation resistance meter (megohmmeter).

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The double-clamp multi-function grounding resistance tester uses digital information processing data technology to measure the grounding resistance of the equipment with the precision 4-wire method, 3-wire method, and simple 2-wire method, selection method, and double-clamp method. Large diameter current Clamp design. It can measure the grounding management system using some large-scale grounding down conductors, and can flexibly use any grounding resistance value to accurately analyze and measure various problems such as single point and mesh grounding to understand the situation. There is no need to disconnect any parallel grounding electrode when measuring in parallel grounding mode, which improves the convenience of measurement.

The double-clamp grounding pass resistance meter is composed of the host, current clamp (double-clamp), data analysis software, test line, auxiliary work ground rod, communication line, etc.

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