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Test failure of high voltage switch tester

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The high-voltage circuit breaker is responsible for controlling and protecting the dual tasks in the power system, and its performance is directly related to the safe operation of the power system. The parameters of mechanical product characteristics are one of the important technical parameters for judging the performance of the circuit breaker. The high-voltage switch tester is an important instrument for testing the mechanical dynamic characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers.

When we use the instrument to control the closing and opening operations in the field, we usually encounter technical problems that the switch does not act. At this time, we should first judge the following situations.

1. The wiring of the on-site closing and opening control system is incorrect or there are some problems between the control loops

Solution: Find the control wiring diagram of the on-site control cabinet, ask the relevant protection professionals, find out the closing and opening coils and switch auxiliary contacts, check the risk control system loop, and ensure that the loop is unblocked.

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2. Check whether the operating power supply of the instrument has a DC output

Use a multimeter to check the operating voltage of the operating power provided by the internal management of the instrument company. If the voltage signal output is normal, perform other checks; if there is no voltage output, then

(1) The operating system controls whether the fuse on the line is burned or the control line is damaged.

Handling management method: replace with a new fuse or reconnect the input control line.

(2) The internal power supply of the instrument is damaged

Handling management methods: use the on-site switch cabinet to operate the power supply, and use the "external trigger" method to perform analysis operations, and at the same time notify the company to return to the factory for repair or provide a backup machine.

3. The switch mechanism has a protection lock

Handling management method: a. Use the internal power supply provided by the instrument development to carry out the operation switch closing and opening test, and the lock must be released. The on-site information technology researcher or switch manufacturer personnel can assist in unlocking the lock according to the control system wiring diagram of the control cabinet at the construction site ; B Use on-site operating power to test with "external trigger".

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