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Notes for Capacitance and Inductance Tester

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The capacitance and inductance tester is specially designed and developed for the problems that exist when the construction personnel of different substations in the enterprise actually need to measure the capacitance value of the capacitor. The capacitance and inductance tester can adopt the industrial structure of the bridge circuit, and the standard capacitor and the test capacitor are used as the two arms of the bridge circuit. When measuring the capacitance of the capacitor, close the system function test to control the switch K, test the capacitor and the capacitor under test. The processor mainly studies the capacitance value and resistive component of the capacitor under test by using various sensors to collect the current data signals flowing through the two and compare and analyze the problem.

The capacitance and inductance tester can measure the single-phase capacitance of a group of parallel capacitors or connect three-phase capacitors of data technology type in different combinations of various problems without disconnecting the wires. At the same time, it can effectively improve the measurement and the inductance of various reactors. The instrument can also measure current under power frequency conditions. The instrument is easy to connect, the operation research method is relatively simple, it reduces the burden on the work and living environment of the maintenance management accounting personnel, and greatly improves the level of development. Safe construction of social service guarantee.

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Precautions for using capacitor inductance tester:

1. After the instrument is unpacked, follow the country's relevant analytical instrument packing list to check whether the students themselves meet our needs.

2. Before operating the instrument, you should read this manual or under the guidance of a person familiar with the instrument to avoid misoperation.

3. The input line of the power supply system should be the same as the power socket of the instrument.

4. As the Chinese LCD is triggered by temperature, the gray scale of the screen image will change. If the student's handwriting is not clear, the knob can be adjusted.

5. Generally, the clamp meter and instrument analysis can be used in a reasonable way through working together, or it can be used in a separate research method. Please put it back in the protective box after each use to avoid damage.

6. The instrument must work in the environment specified by the technical specifications. The instrument, especially the connecting line, must be far away from strong electromagnetic fields to avoid interference with the measurement.

7. When the Chinese instrument needs to be turned on during the test or the troubleshooting system, the power control switch should be placed in the off position and the power plug should be unplugged.

8. The instrument for testing cables, wires, and clips should be kept clean to ensure that students have good contact with testers.

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