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Maintenance of inflatable test transformer

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Precautions for inflatable test transformer:

The layout of the test equipment should have a sufficient safety distance around the person. Try to avoid arranging equipment and applying high voltage leads on the personnel passage.

Fences are installed at the test site, and signs of “stop, high voltage danger” are hung.

During the test, the high-voltage leads must have supporting or pulling insulators. Have a safety guard to prevent people from approaching and passing underneath.

In the DC high voltage test, when the microammeter is in the high position, in addition to the shielding box, there is an over-current automatic protection device to prevent sudden breakdown and short circuit or the meter from burning out during discharge.

Power frequency withstand voltage test: Please pay attention to check whether the capacity of the equipment is sufficient, and avoid resonance.

The working ground wire (high voltage tail, the ground wire at the end of the stabilized capacitor) and the protective ground wire (operating box shell) should be connected separately and have good grounding performance.

If there is irregular power swing (such as electric welding) during the test, it will inevitably affect the stability of the high-voltage output. At this time, the test should be stopped to find out the cause and eliminate it.

The climate (temperature, humidity) requirements of the test work shall meet the requirements of the test procedure and shall be recorded.

High-voltage testing must strictly implement the relevant regulations of the safety work regulations issued by the Ministry of Energy.

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Maintenance and maintenance of inflatable test transformer:

The test transformer should be kept clean regularly, and the nylon sleeve should be wiped clean before each test and covered with a plastic cloth.

Do not twist the bolts other than the wiring support at will to prevent air leakage due to seal damage.

Slight leakage is a normal phenomenon. It is estimated that the air pressure will decrease by 0.05Mpa every 4 years, and the air pressure at the factory will be between 0.2-0.4Mpa. As the environmental humidity changes, the air pressure slightly increases or decreases. When the air pressure drops to 0.1Mpa, the air should be supplemented in time or stopped. When supplying gas, please use the special gas filling nozzle and small tank of SF6 gas provided by our factory, and the gas filling pressure must not exceed 0.4Mpa. In general, 0.2-0.3Mpa is enough

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