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Precautions for winding deformation tester

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(1) Before use. Please check the appearance of the tester first. Check whether the position of the power switch is in the "off" position and whether the terminals are normal.

 (2) Please do not start the winding deformation test before the “grounding” of the tester is connected correctly.

 (3) The terminal of the transformer under test should be fully discharged before the test.

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 (4) The winding deformation test should be carried out under the premise of unfastening all the leads of the transformer (including overhead wires, enclosed bus bars and cables), and keep these leads as far away from the transformer bushing as possible (the surrounding grounding body and metal suspension should leave the transformer The sleeve is above 20cm), especially the transformer connected to the enclosed bus.

 (5) The position of the tap changer must be recorded correctly during the test. The tap changer of the transformer under test should be placed as far as possible in the first tap. Especially for on-load tapping transformers to obtain more comprehensive winding information. For no-load tapping transformers, ensure that each measurement is in the same tap position for comparison.

 (6) The transformer core must be reliably grounded to the shell. The tester shell and the measuring impedance shell must be reliably grounded to the transformer shell.

 (7) The wiring clamp for measuring impedance should be in close contact with the casing clamp. If there is conductive paste or rust on the casing clamp, it must be wiped clean with emery cloth or dry cotton cloth.

 (8) After use, the tester should be placed in a clean, low-temperature location to avoid strong vibration. And to prevent dirty dust from entering the inside of the tester.

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