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How to operate the ratio tester?

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1. Wiring: Connect the terminals of the instrument (A, B, C, a, b, c) to the terminals of the transformer (A, B, C, a, b, c) correspondingly, pay attention to the high and low voltages, do not connect them in reverse, otherwise It may damage the instrument.

2. Turn on the power switch, and then display self-inspection 1; self-inspection 2; self-inspection 3; Pass, indicating that the instrument is in self-inspection, and finally display the transformation ratio of the last test, tap percentage, group, information display column (error The display column) displays "Self-Check Passed", indicating that the instrument is normal and the next operation can be performed.

Multi-Function Transformer Turns Ratio Tester (TTR).png

3. Press the <parameter> key to input the transformation ratio, tap spacing, and group in sequence until the parameter indicator light goes out. If the parameters used in this test are the same as the previous one, this operation can be omitted.

4. Use the tap adjustment key to adjust the tap point. Each time you press the key, the tap value will move one tap distance. If you press the tap adjustment key and the tap display bar does not respond, it means that the tap distance is not set. Press the parameter key to set the tap spacing.

5. Measurement

a. Three-phase continuous: press the <three-phase continuous> key, the key light is on, press the <start> key, the key light is on, the instrument starts to measure, and automatically enters the recording state, every time a phase is measured, a beep will sound to enter the next phase After the measurement is completed, it will stop automatically.

b. Single-phase: press the <AB> key, the key light is on, press the <start> key, the key light is on, the instrument starts to measure after the error display is stable, write down the data, press the <stop> key, the key light is on, and the AB phase is completed test. Also complete the measurement of BC and CA phases.

6. Print

a. If you need to print, you must press the record key before the measurement operation, the key light is on, the instrument enters the automatic recording state, automatically records the data of each measurement operation afterwards, cut off the power, if you use the three-phase continuous function to measure, the instrument automatically records, There is no need to press the <Record> key before measurement.

b. Press the print button, the screen displays "Printing", wait for a while the screen displays "Printing completed" to complete printing. If you press any key during printing, the screen displays "Stop Printing", and you can exit printing midway. If there is no data in the memory, press the print button, the print button light and the record button light flash at the same time, and the screen displays "Memory is empty" and cannot be printed.

C. Of course, if the previous test data does not need to be retained, clear the data before the measurement operation. Press the <Clear Memory> button, if the memory is empty, the clear memory button light and the record button light flash at the same time, the screen displays "Memory is empty", if the memory is not empty, the screen displays "Clear memory?", press Clear again The memory button will clear the memory, then stop clearing the memory, and the screen will display "Stop clearing memory". When the memory is full, the lights of the <Print> and <Clear Memory> keys will flash to indicate. Press the <Clear Memory> button twice to clear the old data.

7. Use of other function keys

a. <Display measured transformation ratio> key: If you need to observe the measured transformation ratio during the measurement process, press the <Display measured transformation ratio> key before the measurement. The key light is on, indicating that the measured transformation ratio can be displayed during the measurement. Press the <Display measured transformation ratio> key again, the key light is off, and the measured transformation ratio value will not be displayed during the measurement.

b. <Tap on low-voltage side> key: Most transformers are tapped on the high-voltage side. When measuring transformers tapped on the low-voltage side, use this key and the key light is on. Press this key again and the key light is off. In most cases , The key light should be off.

c. <Analysis group> key: If you don’t know the group of the three-phase transformer in advance, connect the three-phase transformer test line, press the <analysis group> key, the key light is on, press the <start> key, and the instrument starts to work , It takes about 70 seconds, and the group and ratio test results will be displayed. The instrument does not analyze the single-phase transformer group, only 0 or 6. If the polarity is wrong, the group display window flashes, indicating an error. Some transformers make mistakes in analyzing groups, but the input parameters can be measured normally. The reason is that the symmetry of the transformer core inserts is not good. When one column is excited, the magnetic distribution error of the other columns is larger.

d. <Self-check> button: Press the <Self-check> button to start the self-check. First, turn on all the displays in turn for the operator to check, and then check whether the voltage divider and measurement circuit are working properly.

e. Number keys: Number keys are composite function keys, which are effective when the <Parameter> key light is on. For example, when the number "0" is on when the parameter key light is on, press the <print> key, then enter 0, if the parameter light is off, press the <print> key to print.

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