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Fault diagnosis of relay protection tester

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There are several methods for fault diagnosis of the microcomputer relay protection tester:

1. Probability trend diagnosis

The probabilistic trend diagnosis method uses the key parameter set corresponding to the abnormal phenomenon to establish the probability trajectory of each parameter change and fault damage based on historical data, and then compares the current multi-parameter probability state space to judge the current health status and analyze the trend. Through the interference of the current parameter probability space and the known damage state probability space to perform quantitative damage judgment, you can intuitively check out the key problems of the (microcomputer) relay protection tester.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

2. Basic diagnosis analysis

The basic diagnostic analysis is to use the establishment of the dynamic response mode of the observed object, according to the response output of the current system, to identify the parameters, compare the statistical characteristics of the parameters under the normal state, and perform the failure mode to confirm whether the microcomputer relay protection tester is in good condition. This method provides a different approach from probability trend analysis, through which the alarm effect can be quickly achieved.

Three, comprehensive diagnosis

This diagnosis method uses parameters from a variety of information sources, sensor information, and a combination of historical and empirical information to analyze the self-check of the microcomputer relay protection tester, so as to reduce errors in the work and effectively improve the accuracy. It is the best choice for data fusion.

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