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Points to note when using DC resistance tester

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The DC resistance tester adopts advanced single-chip control technology, screen display, and Chinese operation interface. It is easy to operate. It is suitable for the measurement of DC resistance of transformer windings, transformers, motor windings and other inductance samples in the power industry. It can also be used to measure switch contact resistance, cable resistance and general resistance.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

Precautions for the use of DC resistance tester:

1. Minimize the contact resistance of the wires in the test circuit. The transformer taps in operation are often affected by oil film and other dirt to make their contact poor. Generally, it is necessary to switch several times and then measure to avoid judgment errors.

2. The instrument should be protected from strong vibration, direct sunlight and magnetic fields during transportation, storage and work. When storing and storing the instrument, pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity, and place it in a dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive place.

3. Due to the inductance of the transformer coil, the charging current during measurement is not stable. You must count after the current is stable, and measures to shorten the charging time should be taken if necessary.

4. If an abnormal situation occurs during the measurement, please press the "reset" button or shut down. If it fails to return to normal, please contact our company, and do not disassemble it yourself.

5. The object to be measured cannot be charged.

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