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How to use zinc oxide arrester tester skillfully

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In the process of long-term use of zinc oxide arresters, the insulation aging phenomenon often occurs. It may look normal in appearance. In fact, the interior is no longer suitable for continued work. Therefore, it is necessary to check the insulation performance of the zinc oxide arresters in time. When using a zinc oxide arrester tester, how to use a zinc oxide arrester tester?

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The zinc oxide arrester field tester is a special instrument for testing the electrical performance of zinc oxide arresters. It is suitable for the live or power failure detection of zinc oxide arresters of various voltage levels, and timely finds dangerous defects such as moisture inside the equipment and aging of the valve plate.

The equipment is simple and easy to use. During the entire measurement process controlled by IPC, all measured currents, resistive current and its harmonic MOA, frequency reference voltage and its harmonics, active power and phase, and the actual voltage and phase displayed on the large screen Current waveform. The instrument uses digital waveform analysis, harmonic analysis and accurate results, stable digital filtering software interference method, and accurate analysis of 3 to 7 times the content of the basic harmonics, and overcomes the interference phase, the correct phase of the resistance current Measure along the lightning arrester.

In the case of a power failure of the transformer, please connect the meter and the reliable grounding wire of the test transformer first, then connect the current test wire (the yellow, green, and yellow wires of the three core wires are respectively connected to the lower ends of the three zinc oxide arresters), and finally connect the resistant Voltage test wire (the yellow, green and red wires of the four core wires are respectively connected to one end of the transformer measurement winding, and the black wire is connected to the other end of the transformer measurement winding. Pay attention to the direction, if the direction is not aligned).

Combining the current test line, firstly, according to the magnitude of the current, the current test line is to the upper range of the host "0-2mA" or ">2mA" (2-10mA>2mA standard curve), and then the said At the other end of the method, the oxide MOA is reduced. The method of connecting the voltage test line is to connect the meter first, and then connect the transformer test winding. After checking the correct wiring, slowly increase the voltage to the working voltage of the zinc oxide arrester, and then operate the instrument to start the test.

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