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Operation and use of relay protection tester

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1. Wiring instructions

The yellow, green, red and black terminals on the panel of the relay protection tester are the voltage output terminals of the instrument. There is a DC output and power connection on the back of the panel. There is a grounding jack next to the power jack to facilitate the tester to ground the equipment.

After turning on the power of the instrument, turn it on. According to the color of the coil, connect the terminal of the corresponding color. For example, the black coil is inserted into the black jack of the instrument's current output, and the other end is connected to the relay. Do the corresponding wiring operations in the same way for other colors according to the corresponding parameters and colors. Then use a multimeter to test whether the wiring is successful.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

2. Operation

Adjust the current amplitude and amplitude step length according to the current phase of your own terminal. Single-phase test does not need to set the phase, other phase tests need to adjust the phase, and then set the phase step. Adjust the test type to your own test type (manual or automatic) and start the test. During the test, when you hear "bell~", turn the button to "stop", and then get the test action time. If you need to increase the test time, just adjust the amplitude step.

3. Output detection of AC voltage and AC current

Remove the test line and use a multimeter to detect the current and voltage output, return the interface to the parameter setting interface of the AC test, and also set the voltage amplitude, amplitude step and other parameters first, and then use the multimeter head to test the voltage output on the operation panel . Immediately adjust the current amplitude, amplitude step, etc., switch the multimeter to the AC file, insert the multimeter head into the current output of the panel, and turn the button on the instrument panel to start the test. Observe whether the multimeter is in line with the current on the instrument Consistent, complete the test.

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