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Calibration steps of loop resistance tester

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Step 1: Open the meter cover, be careful not to damage the two wires connected to the power switch on the circuit board, place the three calibration regulators on the bottom right of the circuit board, and allow the meter to run for at least 1/2 hour under this environmental condition. And only after reaching self-balance can the test be started.

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Step 2: Connect one end of the cable to the alligator clip, the other end to the banana plug, connect the two ends of the resistor with the alligator clip, three calibration regulators, the upper one is "humidity" measurement, the middle one is "impedance", the lower one It is "adjust the temperature with a small screwdriver", the clockwise direction is incremental adjustment, and the counterclockwise direction is decremental adjustment.

Step 3: Press the power switch and compare "temperature", "humidity" and "resistance value" at the same time, press the power switch resistance again, how the loop resistance tester will calibrate and observe the LCD screen, close the watch cover, and tighten the four Fix the screw and press the power switch to confirm whether the blood glucose meter is working normally.

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