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What is a gas-filled test transformer?

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Electric workers often need to boost high-voltage power equipment at work, so they need to use test transformers. Test transformers are divided into three types: gas-filled, oil-immersed and dry. The advantages and disadvantages of various test transformers All are very obvious, this article will give you a brief introduction to what is a gas-filled test transformer.

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The test transformer is the necessary test equipment for power equipment detection and preventive tests. With the development of my country's electric power industry, the requirements for the voltage level of test transformers are getting higher and higher. The traditional oil-immersed test transformers cannot meet the requirements of field work in terms of volume, weight or performance.

With the application of basic scientific research, new materials, new technologies, and new media sulfur hexafluoride gas has advanced to the application field of electrical equipment. Due to the excellent insulating properties of sulfur hexafluoride and arc-extinguishing gas and non-flammable properties, Nu Skin insulating medium has been widely used.

After years of hard work, our company has successfully developed a gas-filled photometric transformer. Compared with traditional oil-immersed light-duty test transformers, the weight of this series of products is reduced by 20%-60% (depending on the voltage and capacity level), and there is no oil pollution. The voltage level of a single test transformer can reach 400kV. Due to the new production technology, the technical performance of the product has been greatly improved, and it is especially suitable for field operations and frequent mobile working environments.

The gas-filled test transformer is based on ordinary transformers, improved technology and process, adopted different insulation structures, and the arc extinguishing energy of SF6 gas itself, so that the transformer has basically no partial discharge under high voltage. In this way, when the transformer is used as a high-voltage power supply for partial discharge tests of electrical equipment, the use of high-precision partial discharge instruments can accurately measure the partial discharge of the test object without interference.

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