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The problem of using DC high voltage generator

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The use of DC high voltage generator provides convenience for production and processing, but in the daily use stage. You should still consider specific issues and details to help, so that related issues can be resolved in time. Make the details of the processing more guaranteed, and lay the foundation for the safety factor for the use of the equipment.

DC Hipot Tester.png

Question 1: Replace the hydraulic oil.

In the process of using the DC high-voltage generator in normal times, the oil tank must be cleaned and selected in time to ensure that the cleanliness is more up to the standard. In modern society, the hydraulic oil should be replaced according to the model of the equipment. The choice, so as to ensure that the cleanliness of the standard. After all, in the long-term operation of machinery and equipment, it is inevitable that hydraulic oil will deteriorate. In order to properly solve these problems, it is still necessary to consider these details to make a choice.

Question 2: Observe the signal light of the oil filter.

During the operation of the DC high-voltage generator, pay attention to the indicators of all aspects of the equipment. If you find that the signal light of the oil filter is flickering, it means that the filter needs to be cleaned, and a series of The beep. Therefore, it is necessary to check the DC high voltage generator, which facilitates the safer and smoother operation in the future, and has been recognized and highly valued by everyone.

At the current stage of use of DC high-voltage generators, it is still a very important manifestation to consider relevant specific issues to summarize. For the follow-up use, it is more up to the standard in the operation stage, which meets the basic needs of many industries, and allows users to operate more freely and smoothly.

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