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Working principle of high voltage test transformer

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Working principle of high voltage test transformer:

1. AC, AC and DC oil-immersed high-voltage test transformers:

Input the power frequency power into the operation box (or console), and input the voltage to the primary winding of the test transformer through the auto-voltage regulator. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, power frequency high voltage can be obtained in the secondary (high voltage) winding. After the power frequency high voltage is rectified and filtered by the high voltage silicon stack, the DC high voltage can be obtained, and its amplitude is 1.4 times the effective value of the power frequency high voltage. It's just that the short-circuit bar should be drawn out when using DC, and the short-circuit bar should be inserted when using AC.

Hipot Test Set.png

2. Oil-immersed high voltage test transformer with tap:

In order to satisfy the contradiction between a transformer with a higher voltage and a lower voltage and a lower current and a higher current, the high-voltage winding is divided into two windings, one is the winding with the larger current and the other is the winding with the smaller current. The two windings are connected in series and led out separately.

3. High voltage test transformer:

In order to obtain a higher voltage test transformer, a cascade method can also be used to obtain a higher voltage. The principle wiring diagram of the three-stage cascade test transformer. The relationship between the capacity and voltage of the three transformers satisfies: P1=2P2=3P3, U (total)=1U+2U+3U.

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