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Specific operation method of megohmmeter test

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How to test insulation resistance on site

1. Measurement steps

Turn on the power switch "ON", select the desired voltage level, lightly press the indicator light to indicate the selected voltage file, lightly press the high-voltage start-stop button, the high-voltage indicator light is on, and the stable value displayed on the LCD is the measured insulation resistance value. When turning off the high voltage, just press the high voltage button again, and when turning off the power of the whole machine, press the power "OFF"

2. After starting the high pressure, the timer in the machine starts to work, and the meter will automatically alarm for 5 seconds at one minute. At this time, the value is locked, which is convenient for calculating the absorption ratio.

3. Meaning of terminal symbols


When measuring the insulation resistance, the line "L" is connected to the conductive part of the measured object and the ground is insulated, the grounding "E" is connected to the shell or the grounded part of the measured object, and the shielding "G" is connected to the protective shielding part of the measured object Or other parts that are not involved in the measurement are connected to eliminate errors caused by meter leakage. When measuring the insulation resistance between the components of electrical products, the net "L" and "E" terminals can be connected to any set of wire ends. For example, when measuring the insulation between generator phases, the three groups can be exchanged in turn, and the vacant one is connected to a corresponding safety ground.

Maintenance and precautions of digital megohmmeter

1. When storing and keeping this watch, pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity, and place it in a dry and ventilated place. It should be dust-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, acid-base and corrosive gas-proof.

2. When the measured object is a normally charged object, the power supply must be turned on first, and then the measurement, otherwise the safety of personal equipment will be endangered! After the high voltage is turned on between the E and L terminals of this watch, there is a higher DC voltage, and all parts of the human body cannot be touched during the measurement operation.

3. This meter is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack. When the voltage of the rechargeable battery pack in the machine is lower than 7.2V, the undervoltage symbol "←" is displayed in the upper left corner of the meter. It is reminded to charge the battery pack in the machine for about 8 hours in time, until the charging indicator on the panel becomes dim and goes out. When the meter is not used for a long time, the rechargeable battery pack should be charged and maintained regularly.

4. Instrument accessories: three test wires, one manual and one certificate.

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