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Common faults of AC and DC voltage divider

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The AC and DC voltage divider is an instrument used for field measurement, which can measure both DC high voltage and AC high voltage. The whole equipment consists of a voltage divider and a measuring instrument. The voltage divider adopts a balanced equipotential shielding structure. Electronic components are used inside the completely sealed insulating cylinder, so that the entire device has accurate testing, good linearity and stable performance.

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Analysis of some common faults of AC and DC voltage divider:

1 Failure phenomenon: no response after booting, no display on the LCD screen

Troubleshooting: Replace the battery in the low-voltage display meter

2 Failure phenomenon: the test result deviation is too large

Troubleshooting: Check whether the coaxial cable is well connected

3 Failure phenomenon: There is a more obvious discharge sound during measurement

Troubleshooting: Check whether the grounding is good; the high-voltage divider may be damp, wipe the shell of the high-voltage divider with a dry cloth, and then blow it down with a dry blower for five minutes.

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