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Operation of SF6 gas leak detector

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The SF6 gas leak detector is calibrated with advanced calibration methods, and a high-accuracy calibration line is provided, which improves the credibility of SF6 leak detection results and the accuracy of quantitative leak detection, which can be within the leakage rate range of SF6 switchgear Detect the leakage of SF6, which can be switched between two levels. It has high sensitivity, good stability, fast response speed, simple operation, large moving range, can quickly and accurately qualitatively and quantitatively detect the leakage point and annual leakage rate of SF6 circuit breaker and GIS, and the use time can reach 5 hours, which is very suitable In the field, SF6 high voltage switchgear factory and research institute use, very suitable for power supply department, installation and maintenance unit and power test research institute.

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Operation method of SF6 gas leak detector:

1. Plug in the power supply and turn on the "power switch". At this time, the starting sound of the motor can be heard.

2. After 10 minutes of starting (when the ambient temperature is lower than 7℃, it should be operated for 15-20 minutes). Turn on the "detection switch" if you can see the faint dark purple excitation light in the window above the probe (ie "glow"), and the base value on the lower side of the LCD screen is close to the value marked on the tip of the instrument, you can start measuring (The large value in the middle of the display screen is the real-time detection of SF6 gas concentration after booting, and there is no need to look up the table again. The small value below is the base value. This base value is only a reference for the stability of the SF6 gas leak detector).

3. If it does not "glow", you can use your fingers to block the air inlet of the probe (needle valve) to increase the vacuum of the vacuum system. If the probe does not "light up" within 10 seconds after blocking the probe, wait for 10 minutes within 10 seconds after blocking the probe again. Otherwise, related electronic devices will be damaged.

4. The instrument will take the zero point for self-calibration within 60 seconds after starting up. If the zero point cannot be obtained within 60 seconds, hold the probe in the air and press the "confirm" key to take the zero point.

5. After 10 minutes, after the instrument reaches a certain degree of vacuum and the base value is basically stable, move the probe to the inspected place. If there is a gas leak, the reading on the LCD screen will increase, showing the volume ratio concentration.

6. Press the "" key to set the alarm point. When the measured volume ratio concentration is greater than the alarm point, the SF6 gas leak detector will emit an alarm sound.

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