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How to use relay protection tester for AC test

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In power work, the relay protection tester is a very intelligent test instrument. So how to use the relay protection tester for AC test in power work, this article will introduce you:

There is an "AC test" module in the relay protection tester, which is a universal and comprehensive test module. The comprehensiveness is embodied in the independent 4-phase voltage and 3-phase current test unit, and independent 6-phase voltage and current test units, and there are 12 simultaneous output units and sequential component output test units. These units are switched with each other through the buttons in the instrument interface. Different units are independent and can call each other. This feature can fully meet the AC test test of the power system under various conditions.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

The "4-phase voltage and 3-phase current" unit is commonly used in power work. Since other units are basically the same as this unit in use, we can focus on the functional characteristics of "4-phase voltage and three-phase current":

Feature 1. This unit can flexibly control the output of 4-phase voltage, 3-phase current, 6-phase voltage, 6-phase current, and 12 output multiple combinations at the same time;

Feature 2. With the function of sequential component output, the value of sequence component can be directly set and the voltage and current output of each phase can be automatically combined, and the output of sequence component can be changed at the same time;

Feature 3. The amplitude and phase of each phase voltage and current output can be set arbitrarily, and the upper limit can be set for the amplitude; Feature 4. The amplitude, phase, and frequency of each quantity can be set, and the step length can be changed at will set up;

Feature four, multiple output mode combinations can be set, and the number can be set arbitrarily at the same time;

Fifth, it can switch between automatic, white automatic and manual when outputting;

Feature 6. The amplitude, phase, step length and the number of variables can be directly modified in the output state;

Feature 7. The power value used to verify the power meter can be directly displayed;

Feature 8. The action value, return value, action time, and return time can all be measured.

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