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The role of DC high voltage generator

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The role of DC high voltage generator

1. The DC high voltage generator is smaller in size, lighter in weight, more beautiful, more reliable, easier to operate and fully functional. It is a substitute product for the 21st century power system.

2. The direct current high voltage generator is manufactured using process technology. Pulse train logic array modulation, using high-power IGBT devices, for phase fuzzy control, which has higher output stability, smaller ripple and up to 100kHz frequency.

DC Hipot Tester.png

3. According to the maintenance-free design, the main components are imported from Germany, the United States and Japan. They are sturdy and durable and are not afraid of direct short-circuit discharge to the ground.

4. High precision and precise measurement. The output voltage is adjusted by a single multi-turn potentiometer. The boosting process is stable and the adjustment accuracy is high. The instrument has high-voltage terminals and low-voltage terminals to measure leakage current. The high-voltage end uses spherical shielding digital instrument display, and is not afraid of discharge shock. Good anti-interference performance, suitable for field use.

5. The voltmeter on the control box directly displays the voltage value added to the load test sample. No external divider is required for use. The wiring is simple and easy to operate.

6. Negative output, zero start, continuously adjustable, overvoltage, overcurrent, zero return, grounding protection, disconnection protection and other protection functions, automatic protection function, safe operation, all technical indicators are better than industry standards and similar products .

7. The DC high voltage generator has 75% function, which is very convenient for the measurement of zinc oxide arrester. The instrument control box has a 75% voltage switch function. When the current rises to 1000uA, it will turn on 75% of the button. At this time, the value displayed by the voltmeter and ammeter is 75% of the data. Press the knob back to zero, and then return the trim voltage knob to zero. And immediately put the 75% ammonium button switch in the normal position, and then perform other tests.

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