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SF6 comprehensive tester problem description

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The SF6 comprehensive tester has many questions that need to be answered for electric power personnel who are just starting to use it. These issues are explained below:

1. How long does the SF6 gas quantitative leak detector need to be checked and maintained?

It is generally recommended that users check once every 2 years. Special circumstances once every six months (when airway pollution is serious).

2. How long does it take to charge the SF6 leak detector in general? When do I need to charge? When will the charging end?

The charging time of the SF6 comprehensive tester varies according to the actual remaining power, generally less than 12 hours; when the power indicator is insufficient, it should be charged in time, and it is not advisable to use up all the power to ensure battery life; the charging circuit is equipped with an overcharge protection device . When the battery is full, the charging indicator will change from red to green.

SF6 Comprehensive Analyzer.png

3. How to protect the sensor of SF6 integrated tester?

The built-in sensor of the SF6 comprehensive tester is protected by a probe protection room. When running, the protective room is automatically screened off by the detector, so that the instrument is in the measurement state. On the contrary, it is automatically protected when the power is turned off.

4. Why does the SF6 comprehensive tester stagnate and then the data drops during the measurement process?

This is the sensor performing the gain regression function, that is, returning to the previous test process for verification. At this time, the interface data does not move, but the CPU is processing the data, so the data drops immediately after a while.

The above are the problems that we need to understand when using the SF6 comprehensive tester, which helps us to deal with these problems well.

High-precision SF6 comprehensive tester measurement

The measurement line is long, can detect leaks about 6 meters high, and has a large moving range.

High sensitivity: Optimized design is adopted in the circuit. At the same time, it reduces the interference of noise and electromagnetic waves and improves the sensitivity.

Wide measuring range, multi-level switching: the instrument can detect the leakage of SF6 within the leakage rate range of the SF6 switch device. Can be switched to multiple options. And given the standard curve of each file, it can quantitatively and qualitatively detect leaks.

High accuracy: The instrument is calibrated with advanced inspection methods and provides a high-accuracy calibration curve. Improve the reliability of SF6 leak detection results and the accuracy of quantitative leak detection.

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