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What is a clamp ground resistance tester

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The current advanced ground resistance tester can meet all grounding measurement requirements. The use of the new jaw method eliminates the need for pile-driving and laying-out for online direct measurement. A powerful clamp ground resistance tester is controlled by a microprocessor, which can automatically detect the connection status of each interface and the interference voltage and frequency of the ground network, and has unique functions such as value retention and intelligent prompts.

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The clamp ground resistance tester is a major breakthrough in traditional ground resistance measurement technology, and is widely used in power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields, construction and industrial electrical equipment for ground resistance measurement.

The clamp-on ground resistance tester does not need to disconnect the ground lead wire or auxiliary electrode when measuring the grounding system with loops. It is safe, fast and easy to use. The clamp ground resistance meter can measure ground faults that cannot be measured by traditional methods, and can be used in occasions where traditional methods cannot be measured, because the clamp ground resistance meter measures the combined value of the grounding body resistance and the ground lead resistance. The clamp ground resistance tester has long jaws and round jaws. Long jaws are especially suitable for flat steel grounding occasions.

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